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The Kabins "Warm Up"  

This is the Kabins 3rd studio release and their best work sonically yet! We're really excited about this one! RandK Systems engineered and recorded this and it was mixed and mastered by the legendary Pete Marten Music.  

Recording yourself and then getting a producer in to mix and master is a great way of getting what you want with a very small budget!  


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The Kabins - Indie Rock Heroes From the 'Shire

Striding from the fields, forests and obscure towns of Devon, The Kabins assault the eyes, ears (and noses) of their audience with their aggressive, catchy, and rich sound.


Conceived as a pipe dream by schoolmates Elliott Plance (Guitar) and Todd Gilronan (Vocals), the Kabins took form when the baby of the band Freddie Clarke (Bass) roped himself and the effortlessly attractive Fe Randall (Drums) into joining the fold in 2022.

They took the county by storm, selling out their first venue and continuing to rampage across and beyond Devon, taking no prisoners and leaving no surface sterile. Later in 2023, the foursome claimed their newest victim, Alex Turner (Guitar). No, not that one.


Despite their unbreakable bond, when looking for creative inspiration the Kabins walk different paths. While some revel in the glory of classic Britpop and Rock greats, such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, and Blur, Others prefer more contemporary Indie Rock and Bedroom Pop, worshipping bands like Hers. Also acknowledged are Shoegaze and Alternative Rock.


After their inception, the band released a demo EP ‘Beehive Sessions’ (Sept 2022) to national acclaim. After featuring on national radio shows like the BBC, the band embarked on a UK tour, playing at legendary cultural venues like The Attic (Glasgow) and The Fleece (Bristol), each gig drawing more fans than the last.


Fuelled by the buzz of progress, in February 23, the band went on to release their first studio single - ‘Leave Me Alone’ which adhered to a more aggressive, punk influenced sound. Their latest release 'Warm (Stay For A While)' came out in June 23, was recorded and engineered by RandK Systems and then mixed & mastered by the legendary Pete Marten Music


Despite all fighting their own personal and shared battles, The Kabins are keeping their momentum – playing often and working towards their debut album.


Contact the Kabins for bookings via info@thekabins.co.uk


Photo credit; Mc Digitography


Tour Dates 2023 

26th August - Exeter Street Arts Festival, Guildhall Stage 4pm

27th August - Headlining "Kabin Fever" Festival, The Balfour, Sidmouth 8pm

1st September - Axminster Guildhall with ShyFly and Leonian Dream 8pm 

9th December - King of Clubs with 4KingDwarphz and Leonard & The Zombies 8pm

16th December - Honiton Beehive With Barefoot Bandit & The Upper Hand 8pm



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